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About Us


The trust was established on 1997 and was registered on 4th February, 1999 for the following purposes.

  • Patients care in acute illness.

  • Evaluation of patients with diagnostic difficulties.

  • Diagnostic support facilities even from out of Hospital as needed.

  • State of art treatment .

  • The advancement of health and the prevention and relief of sickness.

  • To serve the poor and non affording community of the city.

  • To render all possible medical as well as surgical help to all deserving patients.

  • Teaching of undergraduate house officers, specialists in Pediatric, Nurses, lady health visitors and paramedical staff (dispensers, Lab technicians)

  • Child Survival Program like Acute Respiratory Tract infection, (ARI), Control of Diarrhea Disease Program (CDD) Rheumatic disease Prevention, vaccination (EPI) program and Newborn Care.

  • To hold seminars, meeting, arrange lectures and address for the awareness regarding preventive measures of certain fatal disease.

  • Save our Children is under the supervision of Board of  Trustees.

  •  Our accounts are audited by a chartered accountant yearly and income Tax department has been kind enough to grant tax exemption.

  • The Save Our Children has been able to achieve many of its targets with the helping hands and their kind contributions.

  • We assure friends of children that all donations, Zakat, Khairat & Sadaqat etc, which are received by us are being utilized for betterment of children and  poor families with almost care and diligence. We try our best so that every penny is properly used for specific purpose.

  • Our last 12 years Performance is presented in this newsletter. In view of the same we invite you to come and join efforts for better child care services at CHK and spread happiness in homes through better care to those who desperately need it.     


Future Plan

  • Bring Pediatric cardiology service to full working capacity including ECHO, ECG and post Cardiac Surgery Care.

  • Establish a children hospital in needy area, which may also have teaching facilities.

  • Introduce Educational (Religious General Health & Children grooming) program for all admitted families and children.

All this would not have been possible without the blessings of Allah and generous support of individual donors and Friends, who do not hesitate to help us in the pursuit of our noble cause.  

Our Tests

Save Our Children
Helping Sick, Needy Children & Desperate Families


  • Daily emergency for diarrhea in children.

  • 35690 patients of diarrhea were treated during last 16 years.

  • 190270 patients of severe dehydration were treated with with IV fluid during last 16 years. 

  • It is the only unit, which is running tetanus ward in the Civil Hospital.

  • 4630 patients were admitted in tetanus ward during last 16 years.

  • 160820 patients were treated in OPD, during last 12 years.

  • It is the only unit, which is running Pediatric ICU in public sector in two  provinces.

  • (A) Balochistan (B) Sindh

  • 31890 patients were admitted in Pediatric ICU over 8 years.

  • 269510 patients were admitted in the unit during the last year.

  • Pediatric Endoscopy unit worked for last 16 years.

  • 21213 patients were provided special services in the endoscopy unit during last 16 years.

We have supported flood affectees in Sukkur, Ghotki, Thatta, Badin, Mirpurkhas during last 5 years. ​

Tax Exemption Certificate

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